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AIGNER celebrates a new attitude towards life with the theme “Euphoria”. The new Fall/Winter 2021 collection portrays a feeling of new beginnings, confidence and optimism. A change of path, we have re-assorted ourselves again and have the opportunity to help shape the future.

The return to nature is becoming stronger this season, which is reflected in their color scheme: Light browns such as “Almond“, “Cinnamon“ and “Mushroom Brown“ are accompanied by diverse shades of green such as “Jade“, “Dusty Green“ and “Deep Green. Subtle “Dew Grey“, “Antique White“ or “Milk“ give the color accents and degradé shades in “Lavender,“ “Amethyst“ and “Plum“ room to unfold. For winter, this unusually bright play of colors embodies the new optimism.

Craftsmanship and tradition are experiencing a renaissance, bringing the AIGNER DNA to the fore once again: stylistically, everything revolves around classics that are interpreted in a modern and contemporary way. Expressive structures and carefully crafted details create modernity.

Keeping up with the time also means embarking on new paths. After having taken the first steps last season, AIGNER has set itself the goal of advancing the topics of sustainability and the conscious use of resources. For this reason, they are even more in focus in the Fall/Winter 2021 season: this aspect plays an important role in all materials and sustainably produced or recycled leather as well as organic cotton get a large share in the “Euphoria” collection.


AIGNER‘s signature bag is and will remain a significant part of the collection. Besides the already established models there are again seasonal editions. As a Cybill Special the “Cybill Tapir“ with a tapir print in pony fur look is the eye-catcher of the collection. The Cybill Bag will also be available in the seasonal colors “Clay Grey“, “Amethyst“ and “Mushroom Brown“.


A timeless tote bag, the Giada becomes a chic everyday companion. Due to its strong leather handles with metal details and the angular design, the Giada series is classically elegant and at the same time a space miracle. The innovative magnetic closure makes it easy to open the bag, while at the same time the bag contents are optimally protected by the self-closing flap. It is a modern lady bag for every occasion.


The Calla series is pure vintage! As a new edition of a model from the in-house museum, it skillfully combines traditional design language with modern design. The patch pocket with flap on the front and the metal parts in light gold shiny are a return to the AIGNER DNA and meet the nerve of the time. The combination of different leathers and structures gives the series an exciting look. The Calla has what it takes to be the must-have of the collection.


A cool classic - inspired by a bag from the AIGNER archive, the Pria series comes in a box shape. Its shoulder strap made of decorative chain elements in Tea Gold and the AIGNER logo lock give the bag a glamorous accent. A special highlight of the series is, its unique logo embossing - a special rubbing gives the bag its vintage character and looks like a long-loved AIGNER model.


AIGNER‘s new signature pattern is the Dadino print derived from a travel suitcase from the archive and interpreted in a modern way. It makes the new edition of the Adria series an absolute eye-catcher. The round and feminine design language and the characteristic metal parts, such as the iconic horseshoe logo, underline the discreet vintage charm of the series.


Named after the refined fold that gives the bag its shape, AIGNER interprets the trend of soft silhouettes for itself with the La Piega pouch bag. The soft shape, unusual volume and exciting finish make it stand out from the collection. The shoulder strap firmly integrated into the bag offers different carrying options: double up the strap, the La Piega becomes a handbag, at full length a shoulder bag.

In addition to the novelties of the season, already known and popular AIGNER lines are also restaged by special highlights. The casual TARA bag, for example, this season comes as a special with an artful degradé effect. The LIVIA gets a statement shoulder strap with interwoven and interchangeable A-logo cloth and thus becomes a changeable eye-catcher. The GENOVEVA seasonal special comes with the exotic tapir print on Saffiano leather.

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